Q) How do I buy or sell tokens through ICO Broker?

A)Email us at support@icobroker.org and be sure to include the following information:

-What token you want to buy or sell.

-How many tokens would you like to buy or sell.

-Did you want to buy the token, or sell the token.

-Your wallet address.

Once you have emailed us this information, stay very close to your computer because you can expect a reply back from us within 5 minutes. Our reply email contains our exact quote, as well as a deposit address for you to send your tokens to. This quote will be valid for fifteen minutes.

Q)How much does ICO Broker charge?

A)We have a 5% fee with every transaction. This fee is already reflected in the rate that we offer you at the beginning. As an example, if a token was trading on an exchange for $100, we would offer to buy that token for $95, and we would offer to sell that token for $105.

Q)What tokens are offered?

A)We broker 99% of the tokens found at Coinmarketcap.com

Q)Is there a minimum order?

A)Yes. We only accept transactions that are valued at or above $500.

Q)Is ICO Broker an exchange which allows me to trade?

A)No. ICO Broker is an independent broker, which holds accounts at all of the exchanges. This allows us to either buy or sell virtually any token for our clients.

Q)Do I need to prove my identity to ICO Broker?

A)No. ICO Broker does not need to see your ID.

Q)How long does it take to buy or sell a token through the ICO Broker service?

A)Once we have your funds in our wallet, it is just a matter of minutes for us to complete a transaction.

Q)How do I know that I can trust ICO Broker?

A)The owner of ICO Broker is Dan Brown. This is the same Dan Brown that owned and operated Bitcoin Brokers between 2013-2017. During those 4 years, Bitcoin Brokers escrowed and sold over $7,000,000 worth of bitcoin. Bitcoin Brokers has maintained a review thread at Bitcointalk for the last 4 years. The thread has over 100,000 views, it has hundreds of comments, and there is not one single complaint on that thread. Bitcoin Brokers handled approximately 7,000 transactions and every single buyer, and every single seller always received exactly what they expected. Feel free to inspect the thread. All you will find are 4 years worth of happy clientele.


You will notice on that thread that Dan announced Bitcoin Brokers was closing, and that a new business called ICO Broker was being launched.

The new review thread for ICO Broker can be found at Bitcointalk at this link